Lines Lines and Lines

Pieces of work that use straight lines as a central focus of the artwork. 

The outer lines help attract the viewers eye to central picture of the piece.
This whole painting is made up of lines that help paint the picture of the river and it's banks.
The use of the lines allows Morgan Colt to create realistic looking trees from simple brushstrokes in this impressionistic piece.
The lines of this artwork seem to be reminiscent of cracked ice.
Emilio's use of lines to show an interpretation of an impact or explosion of force.
These lines seem to show a space that is both large and small and holds up to it's name of elastic space
These lines show many different shapes that seem to look like some kind of stringed instrument
The lines between the rows seem to seem curved by light source on the piece.
The lines behind the woman's head seem to give her a sense of power or divinity.
The perspective given by the whole piece and the use of lines in the foreground seem to give the impression of looking up from the ground
The stark contrast between the yellow and the white lines give the impression almost of a mirror image.
The lines used for the background of the side banners help add to the fantasy and folkiness of the whole piece.
The repeating pattern creates it's own lines and helps demonstrate a resonance that the piece is named after.
The lines in this piece really show the difference between the light and the dark that spans across the whole of the piece.
This entire piece is demonstrating lines with the stairs and the walls jutting out in different odd ways.
Credits: All media
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