Space between Worlds: Colors

A celebration of colors. 

A painting made by Andre Malraux for a opera ceiling, in the painting we see multiple colors that are being used. Each section of the painting uses a beautiful bright colors, and is full of life.
This picture holds much mystery, but its beautiful colors make this an eye grabber. The watercolors and textures are bring out the sky, almost telling a story.
In this picture,Pieter Bruegal creates a bizarre world, full of multiple dark colors and strange shapes. This painting shows Angels at war with Archangel. The good angels are shown to be in all white
In this piece of art, we see a young "giant" child who seems to be siting in a river. The shades of blue and green here give the picture a dreamlike appearance, as if a child living a dream.
Created by Giovanni Segantini, this painting is based off a experience that Giovanni had on a hike. This painting is very lifelike, from the white of the sheep to blue of the sky.
This is an oil painting, in which uses dark colors to set the mood. The texture and detail give each character a lifelike feel. It as if a certain doom is going to befall a character.
This picture, created by Aligehiero Boetti shows the global situation in the 1970's. Each color used, represents the color of that countries flag.
A beautiful painting made by Rachel Ruysch, the colors and textures are masterful. Every single detail is so lifelike that one would believe that they could reach out and grab the flowers.
This painting created by Marcel Janco uses a variety of colors in a smart way. Each color fully forms each character in it. From the people, to the donkeys, and the buildings.
This painting shows a battle which took place between Samurai in the early Edo period. So much detail went into each part of the picture to show how fierce the battle was.
Credits: All media
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