Many faces of death

These forms of artwork show how over the years artist chose to portray death. I was hoping to accomplish that most artist would see death in a sincere and apologetic way. A lot of the artwork I have chosen shows death for what it is, sad, heartbreaking and at times scary.

In the early 1800's the artist, Casper David Friedrich was experiencing depression . That is was gave him the inspiration of the pencil sketch, Winter-Night-Old Age and Death.
This hand colored etching called," Death Turned Pilot " was created by Thomas Rowlandson in 1815. You can see Death in control of the boat and the lives of the men in it. There is a text on the plate below the image, it reads: " The fatal Pilot grasps the helm/And steers the Crew to Pluto's Realm.
This oil on canvas painting shows Ophelia, a character from Shakespheare's play Hamlet, floating in a river. Ophelia is seen singing songs unaware of the ultimate death that is awaiting her. Ophelia's dress keeps her a float for a while but eventually the weight of the water soaked dress causes her to drown. Millais shows such beauty in the landscape surrounding Ophelia.
This 1851 Santiago Rebull oil on canvas painting of the Death of Abel, shows his brother Cains quilt after he murdered him
This painting by Henry Wallis shows the 17 year old early Romantic poet Thomas Chatterton after he poisoned himself with arsenic. Wallis using oil on canvas showed a lot of bold and vibrant colors in the painting while also showing the natural light coming through the window.
The theme of this art, that was woodcut on paper is sorrow. Akseli Gallen-Kallela lost his daughter at a very young age that caused him to relieve that moment in this picture.
Hugo Simberg used watercolors and gouache to created this painting showing the Grim Reapers as they are tending a garden. This represents birth and renewal. Even though this looks to be a simple piece, it has lot of meaning behind it.
This painting shows dead Icarus, son of master craftmen, Daedalus, surrounded by nymphs. The oil on canvas painting represents ignorance. Icarus was warned by his father, who built his wings with feathers and wax, not to fly to close to the sun that it would melt his toes. The youth didn't obey and the melting wax caused him to fall to the sea and drown.
Bocklin painted this picture of himself. He shows himself with a skeleton holding a violin, which are both symbols of death. Many believe that he was thinking of his daughter who had just died, which made him obsessed with death. When you look at the portrait it looks as if death is whispering to him. I wonder what he is saying?
Munch's oil on canvas painting shows a family in mourning. Death to many is about loss and sorrow, not just for one but for a many, for a family. You can see the family lowering their heads in heartache around the bed of their family member who has passed away.
This oil on board painting, signed by Vincent Palmaroli in 1870 shows the corpse of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer on his death bed. Becquer was a Romantic writer who only had a small group of devoted friends and family. You can tell that there had to be a bond between poet and painter. You can see how he captured Becquer, he looks as though he is simply sleeping on a white pillow.
This simple oil on canvas painting of a family standing around a family member who is laying on here death is a way of showing how strong family bond was when it came to death. The artist made sure to show the resemblance of the woman, showing that they came from the same family. The female family member is offering a towel to the ailing woman as another male family member is holding a water pail in hoping of helping the dying woman.
You can see the many bold and rich colors on the oil on canvas painting. This portrait shows many figures with there own worries and destines to deal with but the most sharp feature shows Sardanapalus sitting upon a divan looking upon a nude, as she begs Sardanapalus for mercy.
This painting is of King Pedro IV of Portugal laying on his death bed in the Queluz Royal Palace. He died of tuberculosis, but even as he lay in his bed he was dictating a letter to the Brazilians begging that a gradual abolition of slavery be adopted.
George Watts painted this portrait to show progress of death, with love still holding on. You can see Love, with crushed wings trying to defeat Death, but Death with a bowed head advances calmly leaving the inevitable to the viewers imagination.
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