My Sanctify gallery deals with and represents the artistic storytelling sculptures built glorifying the catholic church and it's culture as well.

Christ crucified depicts Jesus Christ dying on the cross. The sculpture is done precisely and accurately to the teachings found in the bible. You can see the two holes depicting the nailing holes. The use of lines is also very effective in this piece, as the artist does a wonderful job to use them in display the body parts of Christ, such as the stomach and abs all the way to the muscles in the legs. There's also good sculpting on the hair, making it distinct from the face.
Adoring Angel depicts an Angel Adoring presumably God and is one of two (praying Angel) also made by Mr. Fantacchiotti. The angel is in an adoring pose by holding both hands together. You can also see the angel staring upwards symbolizing adoration to a higher figure. Lines are also a key component in this story, the lines are sculpted carefully on the angel's dress and wings.
Peace sculpted by Artus Quellinus depicts a female figure symbolizing peace. As you can see, holds a gold olive branch on her right which symbolizes peace in the catholic church. The caduceus on her left hand also symbolizes commerce (trade). The use of color is also significant in this sculpture, as you can see the important symbols they show are in gold, including the clock.
Saint Gines de la Jara by Luisa Roldan is a sculpture depicting St. Gines preaching. The placement of his hand, and the fact that his mouth was open suggested that he was preaching. Color, is a huge characteristic here, as you can see his shiny gold robe. Such quality and, color in the Catholic world and also in general can represent prestige and highness, just like how Saint Gines was.
Virgin and Child on the Crescent Moon by Tilman Riemenschneider represents or depicts the biblical virgin Mary and her son Jesus. The virgin and her son stand on top of a moon crescent depicting the birth of Jesus Christ being ruler of the earth. The texture of the art piece gives it depth and realness. You can see a little bit of that effect on the virgin's face. You can also see that through the clothes she wears. The artist conveys triumphant happiness with the love of the mother for her son, as you can also the same joy reflected through the child.
Praying Angel by Odoardo Fantacchiotti is one of two (Adoring Angel) depicting an angel praying to God. You can see the angel holding their hands as they kneel down, which is a traditionally praying position in the Catholic church as well as others. The use of lines on the art piece, especially on the angel's robe and wings gives it more details and depth.
Desolation sculpted by Josep Llimona depicts a female figure sitting down on the ground bent down. It symbolizes the pain and grief that women usually go through. You can see that by the lady on the ground even hiding her face, almost like she's so hurt she doesn't want to be seen.
Reception of Orthodox Church by Eva Suzuko depicts a baptism in process. The priest on the left extends his hand on the man's head on the right to baptise him. The artist uses a special medium for this art piece, using sand. It plays a huge role in texture as the sand on the piece gives it more depth and realness, making it seem as if its happening before our eyes. The artist also uses the texture of the sand to demonstrate fluid with the water, insinuating they are in a river,(lake) or ocean.
Confessional by Martin Puryear abstractly depicts a confessional room which is used in the catholic church to confess your sins to the priest. You can see the shape of the little confessional room is abstractly done in an intention to convey intimacy. Not just all kind of intimacy but shameful intimacy, involving guilt and honesty and deliverance.
The Choir stalls from San benito el real were made by the Catholics Kings to honor each monasteries that participated in the meetings that helped discussed important matters in Spain. There is a sense of repetition with the arrangement of the chairs. You can also see the importance of some chairs towards others by the different gold signs and art on them.
Credits: All media
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