Emphasis/Focal Point Gallery

The red bowtie and the light shade of the person's face contrasted with the dark dress brings the attention to that person in the picture, not the other people around them. 
The lines coming out of the neck area bring attention to the face of the man. His pale skin also sticks out in the painting and brings you right to his face. 
The bright blue contrasted with the red underneath places emphasis on the woman and her baby. Also, placing her higher than the other characters puts her more in the center of the piece. 
The light shining fully on the building as well as the shapely designs of the windows helps to bring your attention more to the right side of the painting. It emphasizes the vertical lines of the building, which demonstrate its power in the piece.
The diagonal directional lines of the man falling brings drama into the piece and emphasizes the intense action of his struggle with this large fish. Brings the attention right to the action.
The bold red next to the greens and dark browns and blacks brings your attention right to the man and the left side of the painting. Brings your attention more towards what is going on between the men.
The dark shadows all around the room create a sort of tunnel towards what is going on in the small, lighted section of the picture. It brings your eyes right towards the meeting.
The texture and detail of the tree trumps all other things in the painting and with the dark, vertical lines it becomes the focal point of the picture. Its boldness in comparison to all else in the picture puts emphasis on it. 
Credits: All media
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