Egyptian Art

plaque made to represent king Iuput II standing upright. Created in egypt in 715 B.C.E. It is 29.2 by 15.9 by 1.6 cm.
Created in 1960. has abstract figures to portray a chariot being destroyed in battle. the author. the author was german and immigrated to the US in 1947
landmark in israeli art no other sculpture provoked more strong responses. continues to fascinate generations of viewers. Supposed to resemble a man beast. Created in 1939 in israel.
From the mycenaean period used to store wine from 14th century b.c. covered on a reddish-brown slip. Swirls are there to make a tension appear. Found in egypt.
Drawn by roman historian plinys. It is of a famous battle between roman and egyptian rulers. created between 1743-1744
Credits: All media
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