Texture eyes on this!

My pick of the top 15 paintings that best show off texture. (You can look but you can't touch)

When i first came across Buddha, I automatically paused for a second and went holy smokes, look at that detail. I have a habit of wanting to touch paintings like this and sadly I'm limited to 200 words
Accumulation reminds me of the game Jenga. Remember how all those blocks looked when they were all stacked together? Doesn't this remind you of that. Accumulation to me gives the same look and feel.
The title says it all. Me, I love fruit, i love anything healthy. So when I saw this painting, my eyes were completely open. I love how detailed everything looks and right now i wish i can take a bite
Another detailed still life that I had to add to my top 15. I picked this because of the way everything looks. It truly gives off the appearance that its right in front of you but you can't take it.
Moving forward from fruit. This detailed young bull's head is truly a magnificent site. Look how the artist displays the appearance of what lies underneath the skin of this bull. Its quite scene.
Ill say it first, What the Hell is this? Many guess, many right or wrong answers. Anyway, the reason why i chose this piece for my top 15 is the look. Just looking at it, i don't know if its sharp or what. Really wish we can touch it and feel the texture.
Back in the day, before flowers and chocolate, there was flowers and fruit. The realistic look of the flowers are impressive, and i can't stop analyzing what i see. This had to make my list. Time to stop and smell the flowers.
Stop right there! Ask yourself, photograph or painting? The answer is...painting. Yes this painting tricked me too and holy cow was i fooled with the realism of the car. This most definitely had to make my top 15 and maybe my number 1 for this gallery.
This is something different i felt should be part of this gallery. The title Box looks and feels like those wood carvings we see when we buy a special unique item. I felt like this reminded me of a certain orb from a video game and really i wanted this in my gallery. But, I'm wondering if its heavy or not because it looks like it may hurt someone if thrown.
Back in day and even to this day, we get milk from cows. I love how everything in this painting looks and reminds me of my grandparents farm when i small. Happy memories and the look of the cows looks spot on that i had to add this to my gallery.
So much i going on that this interesting, destructive piece had to make my list. Look at the painting and imagine yourself there, looking in the distance at this dangerous force of nature running its course and hearing the roar of the lava shooting from the core.
Being raised on an Island, i was of course always surrounded by water. I had to add this piece because it reminds me of home, well the water around my home. i remember the look of the water when the sun raises that it brings back a smile to my face.
From sunrise to the moonlight. This painting actually does remind me of this one spot back home. The look of it is so close to the real thing that i wonder if this painting was done on my Island. Well done to the artist who brought this painting to life for anyone to see.
Something new, the look of this bird is gorgeous. The look of its feathers all around its body, just makes me want to feel them and yes i like to touch a lot of paintings. Well i want to but respect the rules.
Lastly, i chose this because of my last pick. I love birds, i love nature itself and sadly i have never seen an eagle in real life or i don't recall i have but this bird truly looks feared and respected. The look of its feathers and the shapeless of its peak is done well.
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