My theme is nature which is going to be focused primarily on how nature has many different forms. Nature varies from animals to plant life and changes dramatically depending on what area and what time period it is. The gallery will range from flowers to mountains and will try find the different elements and principles of design that people have capture in there artwork that help describe the beauty of nature.

This piece I have actually seen before and the field of wheat with the group of harvesters helps point out that nature comes in different forms. Nature also comes out as food, which we need in order to survive
There is large use of chiaroscuro in this piece that stretches all the way to background. In this piece I can see how vast nature can actually expand and that it seems like a never ending wasteland.
The detail used in creating this hare is amazing and shows how nature is about plants and mammals. The artist that was able to capture this moment of this animal still is amazing and allows use to observe the wild life of nature.
This is another piece of artwork that involves animals and a large environment behind them show atmospheric perspective. There seems to be a deeper meaning behind the artwork judging by the name of the title along with what is depicted.
In this image it shows nature can change it self due to the type of environment it is in. This depicts a type of plant life that is adjust for the water and is able to survive out on its own.
Even is this may or may not be an image that is directly about nature it has some qualities that give it that feeling. In this image I see either large black feathers falling form the sky. Or maybe burned leaves falling from a field of scorched trees.
This image gives a soft feeling of what nature looks like during the daylight and how it moves on its own without the interaction of humans to disturb to much.
There is a huge amount of atmospheric perspective used in this painting. The range of mountains that can be seen in the background, but to far away to be clearly seen show how larger can grow on its own.
In this image it depicts that nature comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Varying from different shapes, forms and sizes.
You can see the use of the rule of thirds in this piece. By zooming in on the flower making it look larger, but placing it so the viewer examines the full beauty of the entire flower and scans how it has grown.
Credits: All media
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