futility or cyclical success

"Remember that you are an actor in a play, the nature of which is up to the director to decide" Epictetus                                                   Humanity has throughout history experienced peaks and valleys of near-extermination and its recovery from this. This art gallery represents questions and speculations on this pattern, ultimately concluding that optimism in the pattern of Cyclical Success is more relevant and influential on humanity's narrative. 

This art represents early humanity in our "savage" state. Here, "primitive' actions define common behavior, but I think it is reasonable to conclude that we have moved far past this level. This is a positive motion, its implications have repeated throughout history and I hope may continue, breeding success
"It is just as absurd to ask strength not to express itself as strength, not to be a desire to overthrow, crush, become master, to be a thirst for enemies, resistance and triumphs, as it is to ask weakness to express itself as strength" Nietzche
We needlessly provoke that which needn't necessarily be provoked.... brazen stupidity or bold self confidence? The latter would display self-awareness of continued success and faith in Humanity
This art can be interpreted in 2 ways, in the first scenario, the angel has been saved by the children, in the second she has been and may continue to be wounded by them. The latter represents our incessant interest in destroying what is good for hedonistic pleasure.... If this is true human nature, we are certainly doomed
"Man of the twentieth century has become just as emancipated from nature as eighteenth century-man was from history. History and nature have become equally alien to us" Arendt We grow and develop great strength, elevating ourselves past previous baselines of power... working hard towards apparent goal of self-destruction
Fallen Colosseum portrays the transience of our structures...is this dilapidation of "timeless" cultural institutions symbolic of our own mortality?
Plague doctor...Nature evolves with us, accosts us, attempts to deal our demise. Life is lost but human resilience has maintained thus far. We move on, we adapt, and we deal with the situation.
"Man has been held out as independent of his power who made him, or as a lawless planet darting from its orbit to steal the celestial fire of reason; and the vengeance of heaven, lurking in the subtile flame, sufficiently punished his temerity, by introducing evil into the world." Wolstencraft Here, we have ascended to the level of God with our powers over death and life, whimsically playing with the two and ever precariously balancing on the fringe between them
We are such a small part of this reality, sometimes even considering definition by success seems futile. However the universe's vastness could be available space for our expansion, pending continued Cyclical Success :)
"...it was the immortals' plan to create the splendid nature of the universe for Man.... it's right we praise it as the god's sublime Masterpiece, and deem it deathless, lasting throughout time...something that can never be by law be shaken.." Lucretis Regardless if our optimism is misplaced, it is justified
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