renaissance artwork

By: Tyler Travisano and Gabe Ruppert

The last Supper is no doubt our favorite drawing. The men in this drawing are detailed so much not only that the food is detailed too. We think that this is the most detailed drawing in our gallery.
The amount of detail Leonardo da Vinci put into this picture is remarkable. Not only does his art look beautiful his writing is also very beautiful too. The neck is probably the most detailed part.
This painting looks like it took an amazing amount of time to paint. It almost looks like he took a photo of it. The background is the most detailed part in the painting. He took a variety of colors and made something beautiful.
The Miraculous Draft of Fishes is extraordinary because of the ocean it looks like it is real. This is by far one of our favorite paintings in the gallery.
Raphael took a lot of time with this painting. We like how the beard and hair shows every single strand of hair. This gives us a better look of the drawing itself. Raphael did an amazing job with this.
We really like how it looks so realistic. The amount of detail in the shoulder is amazing it looks like there is a real human in the room.
Adoration of the Magi is very detailed in many ways. The soft and light colors in the painting are very cool but it looks like the painter used a lot of dark colors. Which makes the painting itself look more realistic
The Torment of Saint Anthony is amazing. We like how he used different colors on all of the dragons. Some of the creatures look like there different species which is also cool.
The background in this painting looks like it took longer than the main people in the painting. Also the frame looks beautiful the carvings look like it took a lot of time and effort to make.
Saint Michael Fighting the Dragon tells us a story. The lines in this drawing amazes me. Pretty much everywhere you look you will find a drawing of someone or something.
Credits: All media
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