The elegantly abstract

The pictures chosen all have some what of an elegance to them yet some retain deep meaning, truly discovered by deep thought.

This creation is symbolic to me of the fact that anything is possible.
I find great humor in this piece. If you've ever sat out on the beach on a hot sunny day, you know the feeling that this piece infers.
These steel figures, seem so complex yet they are simple. They almost appear to be growing. Possibly representing building blocks of a beginning.
The title ensues deep thought on the object. A crumpled mess, yet elegant, and full of life. The material its made of, rough and unorganized, yet the image makes it look as though life sprouts from it
This sculpture, is to me, so very hard to explain or understand, yet its beauty astounds me. Something so simply made, perfectly placed, meaningless, yet remarkable.
The flow and elegance of these stairs is unlike any other in my opinion. The stairs have a feng shui, to them, making them appear and almost feel peacefully flowing.
The rock, so majestically placed, give it surreal look and feel, yet the physical rock that is see through may contain and underlying meaning.
This sculpture, is by far my favorite. So simple yet so complex. The design almost creates what resembles to me a labarynth. Possibly representing a deeper meaning to this astounding piece.
These little beings, are very comical to me at first, yet retain a form of beauty, and possibly a hidden truth.
This knife, one of the most interesting I have ever seen. The blade and holster so elegantly designed. The word enscribed on the blade, and symbols below, contain and underlying meaning.
Credits: All media
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