til death do us peace. -(Cortney Jones)

With casualties at over 70 million people, World War II is a war never to be forgotten. This Gallery includes paintings, sculptures, and photos of World War II.

This is a painting of military generals briefing soldiers for D-Day. Twenty-three men are sitting at desks studying plan of attack and routes, while two other men watch over them. As most soldiers look relaxed during the briefing, there will be no time to relax on the war field.
This painting depicts brave men around the globe being sent to fight Nazi Germany. Three war ships are being loaded with supplies, men, and tanks for war, while hundreds are waiting for them. Air balloons own a line in the sky as more ballons are lifting off into a dark cloudy sky.
This artwork shows the sadness of war. Scattered in the rubble there is a man who has his mouth wide open in shock. Others seem to be lifting debris behind him. poles, wood, bricks, and furniture litter the floor. A man and a women seem to be having a conversation under a destroyed structure as if nothing is wrong
St. Paul's Cathedral stands tall during the Nazi raid on London. The surrounding city has disappeared due to the thickness of the smoke, The Cathedral is among the only light in this image. Hitler's rage is also connected with religion to gain respect and justice for germany, which came at no small price.
Hitler's museum of art would be created by stealing artwork all over Europe. Made in stone "The babe with Bonnet" was a craving of an infant with a stern face like any child would have at this time period.
Pictured here is Moscow's military looking at a message for any clues to stop Germany from invading Russia. Three men are looking at a message strip while another younger man is in the background with a straight stare into the camera as if the message is urgent. As neighbors to Germany, The USSR would have a big role in World War II.
This photo is an aerial view of London, although the image is black and white it is very clear. Many structures are missing around St. Paul's Cathedral. Not many but some cars are driving the curvy streets of London shortly after the Nazi raid.
As Hitler grew power he also gathered friends, Japanese pilots would bomb Hawaii's ship ports and military air bases in effort to stop the US from coming to Europe. The water ripples as the first torpedo decends on a US war ship during Pearl Harbor. fifteen US war ships are lined up along the port (in this photo). This photo was taken by a Japanese pilot December 7th, 1941 shortly before the first torpedo struck.
As the USS SHAW explodes, a huge fireball breaches the sky as black smoke comes to follow. Pilots are running to get to their aircrafts to seek revenge on Japan. Five men stand by watching the fire, one of the men looks to be injured while sitting on the ground. some men are walking while some men are running to cover.
Hawaii is on fire, as US war ships manage to get out to sea to fight. Three Japan aircrafts are passing for another attack. Smoke is filling the sky for miles while sailors stand on the top deck of their war ship in shock, watching their friends being bombed from the sky.
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