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To be honest, I am really disappointed because of not being Pablo Picasso in this Google Art Project. That is why, I want to choose this portrait which represents Pablo Picasso and it was made by Juan Gris. This artwork belongs to Cubist Movement and Cubism was one of the first absolutely modern styles for flourishing the art. It developed throughout powerful and rapid alteration between Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism has two stages such as Analytic and Synthetic. Analytic Cubism can be seen where shapes can perceive to be analyzed and broken apart and Synthetic Cubism can be also seen where newspaper and different materials such as chair stick and wood polish, are collaged to the surface of the canvas. Juan Gris was a Spanish painter who studied painting for two years in his boyhood. Then he moved to Paris. According to some information, he worked as a cartoonist and got acquainted with Matisse, Braque, Modigliani and Picasso. If I handle this artwork, this can be thought that the first cubist artwork but it was not made by Picasso. We may perceive that Juan Gris described younger Picasso because his hair not white and also he had still hair. He is in suit and in his hand there is a palette. This was created only from light brown tones and slashed by the vibrant colours of the palette because they seem more vivid. I believe that this is totally analytic cubism because of the shapes and figures became unstable to analyzing parts. Consequently, collapsing of the figure is almost symmetrical and regulated in order to recognize the characteristics of the portrait.
This was really strange pop art for me. Pop art is still famous and we may see in many places. This movement appeared in the mid 1950s and in the late 1950s in Britain and in the United States. This movement represents popular culture such as advertising or commercial art. Even though we see lots of bright and vivid colours in advertising or pop art, Alka Seltzer has not vivid colours and we see there are black, white, and gray. I mean dominant colours are pale. I think that the artist, Roy Lichtenstein used everyday applications of visual symbolization and “magnified” them. In this work, he pointed out the bubbles rising over the glass by scrupulously making abrasions extra places from a field of copy. By indicating the reverberating surface of the glass, he portrayed flat and black shapes which might be seen as graphitic, a misrepresentation, like dots, of the decreasing, line engraving effect of stuff advertising. He shows his graphic techniques and describing mechanical increasing traditions conduced to combine his work and create movement.
I found that this art work was the best example of Neoclassicism movement. I chose this artwork because we all familiar with Socrates and this depiction really perfect to catch definite ideas, colours, people’s situation. If we look at firstly, there are many triangular compositions and when we look carefully, Socrates stands quite clear and obvious. I really adored usage of colours and they look like so vibrant and lively. I think that this painting is depiction of the last moments of his life, Socrates. Jacques-Louis David tended to show the main Greek body strict. They are in a prison and Socrates is ready for his death. The distinctive the dark and light brush strokes occur the important connotation about celestial character of the central figure. The prison is not light and the artist preferred an empty space and he did not put so much stuffs.
When I chose my art collection, I had made a mistake by choosing two artworks that were in the same movement. Wheat Field with Cypresses was created by Vincent van Gogh . Van Gogh described his latest work in the series he had begun in June: "I have a canvas of cypresses with some ears of wheat, some poppies, a blue sky like a piece of Scotch plaid; the former painted with a thick impasto . . . and the wheat field in the sun, which represents the extreme heat, very thick too." In fact, I liked his quotation that reflects his artwork truly. This also belongs to Post-Impressionism and van Gogh preferred simple theme in his work. I love colours and they are really lively and so vivid. I can feel extreme heat weather, the sun and the wheat field’s colours are really striking and intense.
This artworks’ title shows us this has already still life elements on canvas and it belongs to Post-Impressionism. Apples are the basic attention of artist and this painting can be seen very simple to people. Not everyone but most of them. Actually, I chose this because it looks like very cute and easy to perceive and comment in a way. All elements are complete and colours look like intermingle. Some apples are mixed like orange-red or green-dark red. The apples symbolize Eve and creation. There is a human face on table cloth or curtain? I could not get this. But it is very strange that he painted human face on this table cloth.
All portraying is really impressing and colours are dark, bright, vivid and not pale. This belongs to Romanticism and made by Henry Fuseli. He aimed to show us Shakespeare's plays and I caught literary issue and this caused to choose this artwork for me. This painting portrays “ the scene in A Midsummer Night's Dream in which the Fairy Queen Titania is punished for her pride by her husband Oberon.” Fuseli had used seductive position for Titania. This is a perfect for visualizing supernatural. This is a painting that includes whole fantasy. She is instructing to her fairy counterparts to obey all he wishes of one of the characteristics of play. All of the figures faces’ are in our direction. Titania was idealized perfectly in a nude form.
This is the example of High Renaissance and I think all set were a bit exaggerated. Especially, colours. We see artistic production here, in particular Italian states and divine figures are dominant. Earth colours are in the foreground to me. The main subject of the painting is not obvious for me and I saw on “Wikipedia” it agrees with me.
This artwork belongs to Mannerism and we can see the features of Mannerism such as distortion of aspect and I caught that three kings are giving their gifts to the infant Christ and the Virgin Mary. The Adoration can have been depicted as a painted piece of work placed behind the altar for the place of worship of the castle I guess.
Peter Paul Ruben’s work reflects Baroque style and its story comes from Greek mythology indeed. And events caused to the Trojan War. Baroque style is mostly related to religious, divine tensions within Western Christianity. I feel in this artwork, there is an obvious emotion and nudity. Naturalistic tradition is dominant figure. Colours were manipulated strongly by its emotional effect.
Firstly, when I saw this, I considered it was Cubist art work. But indeed, it belongs to Expressionism. Franz Marc who was a German painter, he used strong colours and exaggerated forms to state emotional substance. We can see characteristics of Expressionism such as distortion of lines and shapes. According to a website, the title’s meaning is “ the "magical" harmony he sensed there between human life, represented by the houses and mill on the left, and nature, embodied by the lyrical region of trees and animals on the right.
This was made by Mary Cassat who was an American painter and she made an unorthodox combination by using then unusual issues such as an animated point of view, cropping of shapes, bold and visible brush strokes. Even though she used bold strokes, her main concern to light and use of vivid colours are striking as she paints the light attacking the child’s skin and mother.
The art work was made by Salvador Dali and it is an example of Surrealism. In this work, Dali tried to express the biblical scene where the prophet Elijah goes up into heaven on a chariot of fire. He had focused disturbed lines that close the horse’s legs.
I chose my artworks randomly and this is the first work which is titled “City Landscape” by Joan Mitchell and its movement belongs to Abstract Expressionism. I have already noticed Joan Mitchell and I really love her artworks. She was a principal figure of this movement. I found this from “The Art Institute of Chicago; Gift of the Society for Contemporary American Art” It is oil on canvas and I considered that this is the strong example of abstraction. Literally, her paintings reverberate a severe undertaking to her works and her characteristic view of Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionism means that it was not an absolute attached name for the movement that flourished in New York amongst the years of 1940s and 1950s. It was conveyed meaning to include not only the work of painters whose canvases were filled with the fields of colours and abstract forms, but also those who attempted their canvases with an active gestural expressionism. In fact, this movement was grown ** after World War II and this is the first American style that has huge influence and effect all over the world. Unconscious theme comes of Surrealism’s point, Abstract Expressionists tried to find random personal experiences through active implementations of paint. Finally, this artwork, Mitchell shows urban elements by using vibrate strings, messy lines and rend of bright and vivid colours. Therefore, this work brings memories of hurried and dynamic cities which she developed by means of her travels. We may see that this artwork contains a vibrant city which looks like collected in a mixed and messy light pink, orangish-red , reddish-brown and black colourant that are counterweight by vertical brush strokes and droppings. Foreground and background balance the center.
Woman with a Parrot is an example of Realism which was made by Realist painter Gustave Courbet. We see that the relationship between parrot and the woman who stands as if sleeping. While appearances of this painting fairly, the woman’s pose and deceitfully modeled human tones. I loved the woman’s clothes were thrown away and her hair seems messy.
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