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Pakistan is the 38th largest country in the world, and is locate between Afghanistan and India.
The capital of Pakistan is a city called Islamabad. islamabad is the 10th largest city in the country.
1.More than 50% of world footballs (soccer) are made in Pakistan. 2.First Islamic Country to attain Nuclear Power 3.Highest Mountain ranges in the world. 4.One of the largest desert in the world.
Nawaz Sharif is currently serving his third term in office as prime minister
Mamnoon Hussain was elected was elected to the largely ceremonial role of president by parliament in July 2013
Pakistan has a heritage of indigo dyeing or fabric dyeing
Pakistani American women enjoy wearing gold ornaments or jewelry, including bangles, bracelets rings and necklaces. Simple ornaments are worn daily while opulent ones are worn at special events.
Pakistan's national sport is "field hockey" Their country has success in the sport, winning 3 olympic gold medals in 1960, 1968, 1984
Pakistani women and men wear the traditional "salwar kameez" on festive occasions. Women costumes tend to be more colorful and intricate.
National Language- Urdu, but official language is English Currency- Pakistani Rupee Land Cover- 796,095kn2 Population- 193 million, 6th most populous country
Pakistan received its independence form British Indiain 1947. It was created on the basis of Religious identity, so that Muslims from British India, would have a nation call their own.
3000 B.C.- 1500B.C. The Indus Valley civilization establishes industries and carries on trade. 711 A.D. Islam comes to the region when Muhammed Bin Qasim conquers Sindh
1526 The rule of the Mogul Empire, unifying much of the subcontinent 1858 The British overthrow the Moguls, and take over India
1947 India gains independence, dividing into two countries, Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Ali Muhammad Jinnah becomes Pakistan's ruler
1965 Pakistan and India got to war over Kashmir The dispute which also led to the war in 1949, will flare up again in 1971 and 1999
1971-1972 East Pakistan gains its independence 1998 In response to India's testing of bombs, Pakistan starts its own tests
2001 After the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S., Pakistan becomes a U.S. ally in the war to remove the Taliban and al-Qaida from Afghanistan.
2007 Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is assassinated during a campaign rally
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