Apartheid's in africa

Taylor Schlenker, Sierra Bass                                           This gallery will depict the timeline of segregation in Africa. Based on the inequality and violence towards the Africans, and the attempts to reform, and victory of the Africans. 

This image depicts the inequality felt by the African natives, from a very young age they are taught that native born Africans are inferior to their European (white) peers. This is a visual representation of how the African children were not raised to appreciate their culture, rather to despise their own heritage.
In 1990 Africans regained freedom and the apartheid was officially pardoned, this photo, taken in 1994, displays the first democratic election where for the first time the black African population was aloud to vote.
This photo of the Soweto riots in 1976 represents one of the Native Africans attempt at reform. This protest against the apartheid is known around the globe as a political stand for Africa's independence.
Oppressed by the minority the African's were subjected to intense violence and unjust acts of imprisonment. This image shows how the 'whites' treated the 'blacks'. The actions towards the native Africans were thought to be cruel not only by the African's but also by immigrated Europeans.
Credits: All media
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