"gods,myths,saints and legends" Josh whitehead

This gallery features many different artworks depicting great gods, goddesses,saints,legends and myths. Many artist both old and new create artwork of this content. In this collection we will explore all different artwork showing different stories made from people who believe in these stories, or just like to portray these stories in there artwork.

This painting by William Blake illustrates Dante Alighieri’s Divine comedy. This has been described as the 'glorious culmination' of His art. This art piece describes Dante’s imaginary pilgrimage through hell purgatory and paradise. This painting is related to my subject, because it is about a epic legend’s journey. Also the painting shows a large god like figure, that alone relates to my subject.
Here we have “Witches Sabbath” by Goya y Lucientes. In this painting we have the devil represented by a Male goat in the center of the painting and the people are offering two boys to the devil. I chose this painting, because it is very interesting and it goes with my subject. In a way the devil is a god or myth. So I thought this one would be appropriate for my theme. As an added note I love the contrast between the sky and the ground.
This painting is called “The birth of Venus” Painted by Sandro Botticelli. In this painting we see Venus born from sea foam, blown by the west wind. This painting looks almost like these characters are on a stage in a theater. I personally find painting of Venus (the goddess of love) to be quite interesting. The way this relates to the theme is that Venus is a goddess and this painting tells part of her origins.
This marvelous painting is “The Miracles of Saint Francis of Paola” by Peter Paul Rubens. In this painting we have Saint Francis floating in bright the top center of the painting signifying his close communication with god. The sickly king invited Saint Francis to help cure sickness in his land. The light in this painting is beautiful. This relates to the theme for the fact the saint is floating in this painting, as his symbol for his communication with God.
Here we have a drawing “Adam and Eve” by Albrecht Durer. This piece was made with great detail. Albrecht went to great lengths to create depth in this work. Using multiple pieces of paper to composite his artwork. In the picture we have Adam and eve, two characters from the bible, each holding an apple. This is a scene from the story of the Garden of Eden. Where Adam and eve were banished by god for falling into temptation from the serpent. This relates to the theme, because it is a story from the bible depicted in this image.
This is called “Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene Kneeling and Weeping” by Francesco Hayes. In this painting we see Jesus being crucified, while Mary Magdalene is kneeling at Jesus’s feet weeping. This picture has great contrast and composition and really capture the emotion of Mary being alone with Jesus immersed with absolute silence. Jesus is the god figure in this painting, but I also think that Mary, by herself could be considered a myth or a legend.
Here we have “The Sistine Madonna” by Raphael.. This painting was commissioned by Pope Julius II. In this picture we see the virgin holding the Christ child, while she appears to saints in the clouds. This painting looks like the characters are on a stage, in a theater, even more so than “the Birth of Venus”. This picture was intended to be used in churches. This is how it relates to the topic.
This painting is called “Venus and Adonis” by Tiziano. vecellio In this painting Venus clings to Adonis (her lover) to keep him from going on his dangerous hunt. Adonis looks at her impassively. Sadly in the end of this story Adonis dies. This painting is full of contrast and like some of the other painting has a very 2D feel. This fits the category for its gods and story.
This painting shows a lot of symbolism. It is named “Saint Jerome Penitent” by Lorenzo Lotto. The hermit in this painting is holding a crucifix, which symbolizes his need for redemption from demonic temptation. The woods symbolize the home of the demonic temptation. This picture is very 3D compared to the other pieces everything in this picture seems to have more attention to distance. This relates to my theme because of the story behind it.
This painting is also named Venus and Adonis, but this is painted by Peter Paul Rubens. I feel like this painting has way more detail. This painting is very life like. What this painting lacks compared to the other painting is multiple dogs and cupid is awake in this one. This one has two swans doing a similar motion to the two gods. The way this fits the category, is that this is a painting of a god and a goddess.
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