Review of elements of art and design

I have not given nor received unauthorized aid on this work: Saul S.

There are both horizontal and vertical lines and outlines. The shapes are trees and they are simple. value is in the bushes because they are darker than the trees. the colors are black and white and they are serious there is no negitive space
lines are implied vertical and horizontal. shapes are organic shapes. Texture is hard and smooth. colors are vibrant and have an energetic feeling most of the space is taken up.
the lines are vertical horizontal and outlines. The shape is of a piano and a lamp and a desk. the value is not really shown but the background is completely black. the texture seems metallic. the colors are gold, black, and red. a little more than half of the space is taken up
the lines are horizontal and vertical. the shape is of a fish in a basket. the texture is shown on the wicker basket. the colors are some blues and brown. and all the space is taken up
the lines are outlines and vertical and horizontal. the shapes are of a candle and of like dresser items. the value is mostly dark with a few light spots. the texture seems rough. the color is black and white and the space is mostly taken up
Credits: All media
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