We would find the prettiest drawing of the museum of children art.  I wish you to enjoy it!

This painting show us many elements of nature and how humans have to take care and protect them.
This painting express successful and happiness, when something good happens.
This painting show us that we need to take care of the nature.
In this painting, the author shows how she looks with her family.
This painting express happines
This paintintg show us how a team work, making instruments to do music.
Fo me, this painting show that there are people or things different to the others.
This painting show us how children want to have more time with their parents.
This painting express happiness, because it shows a family in vacation going to the pool
This painting try to teach us that we need to pray in family, for all the things we want and need.
In my opinion, this painting express confution, angriness and saddness.
In my opinion, this painting shows how the city is protect by the bird, that represent the value of caring.
This painiting show brothers living together, they have many good and some bad moments.
Credits: All media
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