how to prevent poverty.

How can you enjoy your job and have a lot of success? what would let you down if you are poor?

Some people have poverty. some of them are born with it, some of them are not. whatever the reason is people's reaction is different.
some of them tried hard but they did not success. They couldn't get proper education so, they do not have any talent or job. So, some people just ask for change and some cash in the streets.
In a similar case there are native americans. After they were attacked, they are stuck in a reservation without proper education, water, and job. but they still work hard and they carry on their daily life.
When people get despair and when they are about to forget everything, they can get easily get into alcohol and illegal drugs. If they are desperate they will do anything for money.
Other people try to get wealthier and if they borrow money to build something that they can actually get money, and if they fail their life gets even harder. Debt and the need of money can effect them hard in life.
Plenty of people fall into the world of crime. they join gangs or they do illegal work and get money. the problem is that they harm people and all they can think about is all that money they are receiving.
some people commit sucide because they cannot bear the situation. such as debt and children to feed.
Nelson Mandela was poor and she had two divorce and she had lost 3 child before she went to heaven. However she were so happy and soon enough she got out of being poor. How?
The reason Mandela was so successful, was he had hope and he saw the world in a beautiful way. he saw the world so positively, he had escaped from poverty and got respect and love.
You should think what you want to do. not what earns a lot of money. if you have hope and effort you won't get poverty. so, think about what you really want to do.
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