Truths of humanity: Night

Love and companionship are a key essential in the lives of the Jews. Without this, they had no real self-purpose or anyone to live for. Because of the power given to the SS guards and Kapos, the dehumanization seemed normal. With that power came the reckless acts of the Germans. In result of the cruel treatment, their faith was tested tremendously. Even when being in the ghettos, their faith was tested. Moshe the Beadle stayed close to his religion. He shared his prophecy but the Jews rejected his tales because of their ignorance of the German plan, and with that came their unfortunate, undesirable death.

The distraught expression that is shown on the horse's face shows his emotion after hes lost his rider. He has no color despite the red that is somehow showing the loyalty. After Elie's father dies, he feels empty, but still connected with his father.
The younger man in the photo is carrying the older man. In chapter 4 of Elie Wiesel's Night, the young Jewish woman gives Elie bread after he had been beaten.
This photo compares the treatment that the Jews were given by the Kapos and SS guards. Like the woman in this painting, the Jews fought their hardest for their lives by working. Also, like the man in this photo, the SS guards had power to do these harsh acts.
The painting compares to the dehumanization of the Jews in the concentration camps. Due to the power given to the German men, they degraded and did cruel things to the innocent Jews.
This painting portrays a women in the dark with her children with a sad expression on her face. This shows how the Jew's faith was tested in the concentration camps.
In this artwork, the men are pushing up the man. In the concentration camps, the Jews did manual labor for the enjoyment of the Germans. This made the Jews feel that man was stronger than man because they thought God was letting that happen to them.
In the painting, the blind man walks with no knowledge of the destruction around him. Just like the blind man, the Jews ignored the prophecy of Moshe the Beadle due to their unconsciousness of the situation.
Because of the Jews not listening to signs and warnings given by Moishe the Beadle and Mrs. Schachter, they were left vulnerable and helpless. The crows represent the Germans, the way they waited for the Jews to be a vulnerable position to attack.
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