The Allurement in plants

The theme that I have chosen is called 'The Allurement in Plants'. There are a variety of artworks I have chosen for my exhibition which specifically portrays my chosen theme for the audience. This theme represents the existence of the true beauty in plants and how we live each day in this environment that consists of these alluring plants.                                                             The reasons to why I have chosen this theme to be my exhibition are because plants can represent more than just beauty and the essence of the magnificent Earth. The representations of plants can also incorporate on a human's personal feelings, specifically shown in the colour and layout of the artwork (an example of this is also shown in my exhibition). Another reason that concludes my thoughts to choose this theme is to show the audience the allurement in plants, and how we should recognize this true, inner beauty every day in our daily lives. In addition, plants are very important and significant in our lives, as it plays an essential role on Earth in order to help us live.                                           My artworks represent each different frame which consists of the subjective, structural, cultural and postmodern frames. These plants include a variety of flowers and trees, portraying my theme.                         The relationship between the 15 artworks I have chosen reflect on the theme on my exhibition, 'The Allurement in Plants'. Symbolic features are used to support the aspects of nature being positioned and used to for each artwork, features like trees, flowers and rocks. The colours being used also relate to my chosen theme, which consist of colours used to portray my symbolic features, green and brown.                                           To conclude, I would like to give thanks to my sponsor 'PlantLife' for their contribution and support for me to create my artwork exhibition. 

Postmodern Frame
Structural Frame
Cultural Frame
Subjective Frame
Credits: All media
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