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In this gallery, I have selected pieces that deal with similar thematic concepts; in this case: beauty from chaos. Many works from the classical and renaissance eras chose to tell stories from the Bible, myths, or historical accounts. These pieces embody a jumbled and anxious tone that implies the nervous sensation of chaos. Yet, within these works are an aesthetic that can only be brought about by the unity of the various parts.

A great example of beauty from chaos. There's so much happening in this single piece. Each portion of the frame tells a unique story with an endless supply of detail.
Such a bizzarre piece, yet it has its own sense of beauty. It's very expressionistic, more of a representation of emotions through color and shape than a literal interpretation.
This piece is quite extraordinary. There's a great sense of space and depth in this one. I imagine the falling rock and stone to be moving slowly from the viewer's perspective as it tumbles down the gorge. One should also note the brilliant use of color in the background.
This piece makes great use of color to draw the viewer's eye. Alexander is seen as a pure heroic figure because of the white color of his horse. The other characters in the piece are given singular, bright colors of their own such as red or blue.
A very cluttered work in my opinion. There's so much painted in the background that it forces the viewer to stay focused on the foreground, which is rich in detail especially in the women's clothing. There's such a distinction between the bright, white snow in the lower half of the frame and the darker shades in the upper half.
For a work titled "Chaos" it most certainly gets the job done! More of an abstract representation of chaos due to the fact that it's hard to tell what is causing the chaos. The softer, more blurred brush strokes give this piece an etherial tone, almost surreal and tranquil despite the subject matter.
A work that relies on contrast, or the distinction between light colors and dark. This is a wise choice for the artist, considering that the sense of space and depth is flattened due to the style of the time. The red and white lances of the left compete for attention against the pure white horse on the right.
Despite its archaic style I like this one. This is an example of art that uses figures and their placement within the frame to draw the viewer's eye. The armies and their leaders all point toward the far left hand side of the piece, directing us towards the mother and her child.
A final example that embodies several elements on how beauty can be derived from chaos. This piece uses placement of figures within the frame, color, and depth to draw the viewer's eye accordingly.
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