Alexis Kervan- Renaissance Gallery 

A. The clothing in this painting tells about about the class of the person. It is a very fancy, high end clothing item paired with a necklace normally worn by higher class people. Also, the hat worn in this is has beads surrounding the hat. B. The background in this portrait is a dark wall with no bright or flashing patterns. It is a solid beige color. This is important so the background will not take away any focus from the person in the painting. C. I believe the artists wants the viewer to feel loyalty toward this woman because of the fanciness she has. D. This young woman is named Cordela, she is the daughter of the queen and a very sophisticated woman. Cordela is elegant and has great posture and a blank face.
A. The clothing in this picture shows this person is very religious. This is because the man is wearing a cross around his neck. B. In the background is a green drape not distracting from the picture but it compliments it very nicely and adds a little bit of color. C. The artist wants the viewer to think about their religion when looking at this. D. This persons name is Martin because he looks like a Martin.He works at the church. He has a very kind personality and is very humble. They like helping others and they care about family and friends.
A. The clothing tells us the boy isn't in a very high class because the clothes aren't very fancy as some of the other ones. Although, it is fancier then some lower class. B. The background is the woods which can tells us about the job the boy has. Maybe he is a hunter or chops wood and sells it. C. I think the artist wants the viewer to feel creative due to the choice of background. D. The boy in this picture is a hunter. He spends all of his time in the woods hoping to shoot some animals as food, whatever left over he sells for money. His name is Marco and he is not poor nor rich but right in the middle.
A. The girl in this portrait has clothing that tells us that she is not in the lower class because she is able to afford nicer clothes. B. The back ground is a fancy black and white floral print drape. Again, not taking to much focus of the original portrait but still giving the background a nice look. C. I think the artist. want the viewer to think about how the younger kids were when this was made. Many of the portraits are of adults but not many kids just by them self. D. I would name this girl Amelia. She would have a good education so far but yet still help out her mom around the house. She was a christian and went to church with her family and was a smart girl.
A. The clothing style in this portrait tells me this guy is not in the fancier division. B. the background is just a plain black color mostly covered up with the person. C. I think the artist wants the viewer to take notice of the clothing style the man in the picture was wearing. D. I will name this person Cappincino and he is a owner of a small business where he sells homemade jewelry.
A. The clothing choice in this portrait reminds me of something an artist would wear. Maybe this person has a creative mind and writes or draws. B. The background in this art work is filled crumpled papers and peculiar white specks. This can also show the job of the person. C. The artists wants the viewer to look at the work space and and guess what the person does. D. The man is named Aveno, he is a big time artist and very rich for all of the paintings he has soled.
A. The clothing in the painting looks fancy and again tells me about his social class. B.The background is a light blue, like a sky color which brings out the other vibrant colors in the painting. C. The artist wants the viewer to take notice oft the detail in the clothing items. D. This guys name is Bob and he is Merchant, not very popular on the social class but he is doing just fine with money.
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