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Social or Political Protest- Art is a powerful medium that can be used to express practically anything; it can be used very effectively to communicate any number of ideas that the artist wishes it to, and these ideas can include messages of protest. With the various issues in the world, whether people live in oppressed societies or not, they can use art in order to get their point across and be heard. Art used to express unrest often uses unconventional methods to be as attention-grabbing as possible. These various pieces are meant to make the viewer think as well as take action.

In his series Dreaming Food, Alessio Mamo focuses on the hunger problem in India. He is protesting the extreme poverty found in it through his photographs, and this suits the overall theme.
Jose Carlos Martinat is using this unique form of graffiti to let the spectator object to or protest whatever they wish to. The phrase NO AL (No to the) can be filled with anything. It fits the theme of political or social unrest because it leaves the viewer is free to speak up about any of these things.
Indonesian artist Agung Kurniawan creates political commentaries. This painting is based on the income inequality caused by Indonesia's political system; Kurniawan is objecting to the government.
Free South Africa is fighting back and protesting the slavery and racism that occurs even today. The oppressor is being squashed by the rebellious slave they have tied up; the larger figure is meant to represent South Africa.
Korean artist Kang is not only expressing his own life in a metaphorical sense, but is also showing his protest at penguins losing their natural habitat. His message expressed is that of an urgent need to prevent pollution to save them.
Urgency of Polar Regions illustrates the effects of global warming. Yuan Xikun's sculpture shows a mother polar bear and her cub clinging to a shrinking iceberg; the artist is protesting climate change caused by humans.
Racebook was inspired by racist comments written in facebook groups. Aboriginal artist Raymond Zada is protesting racism found in social media and making others aware of it, which suits the theme
El mundo de las manos No.1 is meant to depict the suffering of mankind in the 20th century brought on by war and violence. Oswaldo Guayasamin is objecting to the unnecessary brutality of aspects of modern civilization.
F X Harsono is known for his socially conscious art. In Titik Nyeri by using pinpricks the artist is protesting subtle discrimination that occurs day to day. He's showing that micro-aggressions can be extremely harmful.
Glacier is meant to bring attention to global warming. The artist depicts the glaciers as melting and is convincing their audience that people need to be more aware of the pollution they inflict.
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