Art Elements

Shape- "The Cathedral" by Frantisek Kupka is an example of shape, because it uses many different triangles, hexagons, rhombuses, and more, of many sizes.
Line- "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh is an example of line, because he used many straight, curved, and swirled lines in the painting.
Space- "Montmartre: Windmills and Allotments" is an example of Negative Space, because there is a wide amount of space around the town on the bottom of the painting. The space is referring to the sky.
Value- "The Fortune-Telling" by Julio Romero de Torres is an example of value, because there are dark lines around the people and objects, fading to show the value of each one of them.
Color- "St bernardino Preaching" is an example of color, there are many hues in the clothing, buildings, and floor, along with the values of the hues and the intensities of the hues.
Texture- "Hare" by Albrecht Durer is an example of Implied Texture, because Durer made the hare look as if it was furry, although it is a painting.
Form- "Vase" by Johann Lotz Witwe is an example of form, because it is 3 Dimentional, and you can see its length, height, and width.
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