Samuel Eddy. This is a collection of things that evoke an emotional response that might not always be pleasant. Things that make your skin crawl, and things that make you scared irrationally. The biggest thing that scares us is the unknown. A lot of these pieces have something about them that you cant visually describe. An obscure off putting shape, or something that is in the dark. The focus on all the pieces are dark values and minimal color variation.

This piece depicts a landscape with an ocean in the distance illuminated by the moonlight. The moonlight silhouettes the buildings and trees. It has rough and hard brush strokes that give atmosphere.
This piece is of a tree with strong contrasting forward light hiding what is within the shadows. The tree branches off in obscure angles as if to confuse the viewer. The overall visual manifests fear.
This depicts ruins of what looks like a religious facility. The strong dark shadowing of the buildings gives an essence of unknown possibilities. Creature like shapes are subtly shown in the dark.
This piece has an almost expressive feel in how it symbolizes familiar shapes. The muted colors give a gloomy feel to the piece. Not a lot of detail shown in the dark. Your mind ends up filling in.
This piece is of the hanging of Jesus. The heavy death symbolism and the strong movement shown within the line of action of Jesus lends itself to discomfort when viewing this piece.
This piece relies heavily on the negetive space the clothes make. Without being able to see the face of the girls, It instantly sets in an uneasy feeling. Strong implied lines also aid this effect.
This piece shows a small ravine with a tree and slits of light from the other side. This shows some sort of hope in a dark, isolated environment. Like the light at the end of a tunnel.
This piece depicts a astronaut with harsh and fussy lighting. This piece has a majority of black as negative space. The emotional state of the astronaut is of distress and the viewer has no idea why.
This piece is of a photograph of a CRT screen of what seems to be a man getting into a gorilla suit. Its visually jarring like one of those security cam footage shots from a murder scene.
This is a man portraying himself in hell. Using very strong and dark reds with a mix of grays and blacks, along with fast and thick brush strokes, this piece shows pain and has a black figure behind.
Credits: All media
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