1. Their clothing is old and worn. 2. The house is worn down. 3. They don't look healthy.
1.They're all gathered like orphans. 2. They're dressed poorly. 3. They look distraught.
1. They are not wearing high class clothes. 2. They look as though they are separated from the rest. 3. Colored people were not wealthy in the 50s.
1. The children look as though they haven't bathed. 2. They aren't wearing well-fitted clothes. 3. The girl is not wearing any shoes.
1. The boys are laying in the street. 2. Their clothes are tattered and worn. 3. They look malnourished.
1. His arms are very small. 2. He isn't wearing much clothing. 3. He looks as if he is eating as though he hasn't in a while.
1. The man in extremely under fed. 2. He is not wearing much clothes.
1. The boy is lying on the street. 2. His clothes are old. 3. He looks as though he is unhealthy.
1. The surroundings are run-down. 2. The clothes are torn.
1. He is picking stuff up off the street. 2. He clothes are worn. 3. He doesn't have any belongings.
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