Emotions in a Painting

I have chosen 8 artworks that evoke emotions from the viewer. The first half depict battles or events filled with turmoil, while the second half gives human emotions. The combination of these paintings should leave the reader with a feeling of different emotions expressed through a painting.

A Mountain Landscape with an Approaching Storm was painted in 1775 by Claude-Josoph Vernet. It can be found in the Dallas Museum of Art. Originally having a peaceful counterpart, it is now private.
The Battle of Arab Horseman Around a Standard was painted in 1854 by Theodore Chasseriau. This painting is interesting because violent nature of the fight is shown in the form of brushstrokes.
The Abduction of Europa was painted in 1750 by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre. This painting depicts the story of Europa sitting on the bulls back and him suddenly carrying her away to the Island of Crete
Seasickness on an English Corvette was painted in 1857 buy Francois-August Biard. You can clearly see the crazy events happening on the boat but there is no focal point of turmoil.
Cinderella at the Kithen Fire was painted in 1843 by TThomas Sully. The artist used his personal experience to create this painting. He used his daughter as the model.
College of Animals was painted in 1655 by Cornelis Saftleven. There is not a vast contrast in the painting and the use of colors creates a smooth paintaing.
Apollo and Diana Attacking the Children of Niobe was painted in 1772 by Jacques-Louis David. This violent scene shows the Gods and Goddesses true powers. The painting tells a deep story with no words.
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