Mountainscapes exhibition

MountainScapes Exhibition involves a variety of artworks that relate to a mountain scapes theme. This type of structure, which has been put into all varieties of the artworks presented in the exhibition, is a structure that is easily recognised in today’s world. Mountains can be quite large or quite small depending on the size of the area it is on. They are such a beautiful landscape to draw, and even sit and look at it for hours and hours. This exhibition incorporates all different types of artworks that show different layouts and perspectives of Mountainscapes. Mountainscapes can be such an amazing and enormous structure to be around and to be on top of. Usually, mountainscapes are more beautiful and just amazing when they are looked at in a birds eye view. The theme that has clearly been mentioned here is a theme where you can see that Mountainscapes are a beautiful and a natural structure. The Exhibition is a display where you can explore paintings and artworks of the mountainscapes theme and really discover how artists have impersonated it through their works and how artists have taken what’s in front of them into a beautiful artwork. All of these artworks presented in this exhibition is one where imaginative minds and thoughts have been put into every detail in the artwork. Artworks that have been created a long time back were different to artworks that have been created in today’s century. Artworks that were created back then were very special and significant because of their history and how they used techniques and materials to create those fine details in a painting of a mountainscape.

This work evidences the Subjective Frame
This work evidences the Structural Frame
This work evidences the Postmodern Frame
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
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