Out with the old, in with the bold - Kalebh Schroder

The theme of this gallery is modern minimalistic sculpture that represents the nature and the things around us every day with emphasis on line and movement. This can go anywhere from "floating wood sculptures to bracelets, to modern renditions of ancient tiki poles. Even more specifically, art pieces that are basic in shape, color or texture that give you a sense of nature and the world around us.

This sculpture is simply a rock. This rock was roughly sculpted to represent two figures it seems; A woman and a crying child. Although the sculpture itself is busy with the details of a rock, the subject matter and the feeling of the piece is simple and primitive at the core. The artist uses the outline of the rock on the leftmost side as the woman's head leading in the baby's face.
This sculpture, though it looks like mashed up sculptures, represents the olympic game of wrestling. Rosa Serra did a large series using simplistic figures such as this to represent a specific olympic games. This sculpture doesn't use hard shapes of bodies with details but simplifies the whole piece with rounded edges. Following the lines of this sculpture will lead the viewer to see two separate bodies and two separate heads intertwined with each other
Mr. Kim is famous for creating simplistic sculptures such as this one. This specific piece is both minimalistic and abstract by the way he has presented this art. He has a large glass-like with thin gold-like sheets within it with parts protruding. The artist uses these metal shapes converge to a central point. This piece uses very basic shapes that we see everyday to create a larger one making it the basic making it the definition of minimalistic.
The title of this piece is what it is; it is the representation of a wave. Although it is quite simple as a piece is very detailed on a small scale. Using small black metallic like pieces, it creates a larger sculpture, even more representing a real wave made out of millions of water atoms. Mr. Gim uses the natural line of a wave to move the viewers eyes across the piece to see it as a whole.
As complex as it seems (with the shadow), it is in reality very simple. In fact, if this piece would be reduced down to anything it would be about 10-15 pieces of different length tubes connected. This whole sculpture is a pattern 21 times. The piece itself is nothing that we necessarily see physically everyday but what we live in every day. A certain pattern makes up the complexity of the internet as a pattern of many different sources converging over and over into one central piece into many pieces. The artist uses the lines of the tubes to guide the viewer from within one pattern to the next looping the whole piece on itself.
This sculpture is much more simply understood. This sculpture is a physical representation of corruption in book form. The one book that is colored is the one left out, while the others are the same. Though this art piece could represent a multitude of things, it is simply four normal white books and one dark colored book. The stagnant white pedestal and books move the viewers eyes towards the one different book by changing the color almost 180 degrees and emphasizing the differences.
The sculptures title explains most of what the viewer needs to know. This is a representation of the sun (at noon). The warm circular figure and colors even more represents the suns role in our day to day lives. The simplicity of this piece is almost as simple as it gets; a solid rounded circular cylinder made of polished stones.
This piece is nor representational of any real thing in our world yet you can pull out general shapes and the general shape of the whole piece to relate to the real world. This art piece uses rectangular white pieces to build this whole sculpture. the repetition of figures moves the viewers eye across the figure.
This sculpture is a very primitive figure and it is supposed to represent fire. Though it doesn't look like fire, the curved sharpened lines represent the natural "feel" of fire. There is no central point that the artist draws attention to but the artist uses the sporadic lines to create dynamic and lead the viewers eye across the figure.
This sculpture is representing the ancient figure "Ziggurat". These buildings are rare across the earth and they use common geometrical shapes to form them. Mr. Noguchi, uses the rough lines of rock on the side of the sculpture to move the eye across from rough to smooth then to the common geometrical shape of the stairs.
Credits: All media
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