Harmony and Discord Through Dance  

In this gallery I feature art works by Vincent J.F. Huang. He creates  beautiful art but behind the beauty there's dark and mysteriousness in the work. I picked these because  they have a peacefulness and beauty to them, along with diffrent elements of art. When people dance they have many feelings, about what they dance about. In this display it shows through the pictures. 

In this piece it shows dance and it's beauty and the mysteriousness that shows along with it. The dark colors and the reflection is beautifully showed, and used in this piece.
In this piece you can she Harmony and Discord. The piece is very mellow and and agitated. When you look at the different elements such as the dancer and the birds.
In this piece it could go either way. The way the dancer and the water help each other create such a beautiful piece.
In this piece like the others it is harmony and discord. The lighting, and the water help a lot with the piece.
In this piece you can see the harmony and discord, through the gray blue lighting. The way the water is rippled, gives it a different affect to the story.
In this piece you can see the harmony and discord through the lighting. Like the other pictures, this piece uses water to give it a different affect which really complements the piece.
In this piece you see the harmony and Discord with the colors. Which really help the piece.
In this piece Like the others the lighting in this piece is beautiful. The way the silhouette on the dancer is showed is beautifully displayed be the light and color.
This piece is slightly more discord then other pieces in the gallery. It's a little darker in colors, and light.
In this piece there is a even mixture of Harmony and Discord. The colors and the light with the refection of the water, is beautifully displayed in this piece.
Credits: All media
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