Review of Elements of Art and Design 

"I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work." Julia Clark

This artwork has a lot of value, The main focus point(the man) has a dark value. His suit is black. In the sky there is a lighter value and the men on the ground have a grey value which is like in the middle on the scale. There is a texture that the lines and the brush strokes have gave it. The lines are kind of hatching so the closer they are together it gives it a darker feel. Also there is no color really in it, its mostly black, white, and grey.
This artwork has a lot of color. There are blues, yellows, greens, whites, and blacks. The colors create a mood that's very soft, swift, and whimsical. The lines also help create the mood, the lines are curved, twirly, and thin. Creating a pattern that reminds me of wind. Towards the bottom of the painting there are houses and shapes like trapezoids and squares have created these houses. The space is occupied by the lines moving across the paper.
This painting has lots of shapes that remind me of a mosaic in like a church. There are trapezoids, squares, and triangles. The lines visible are the lines that are making the outlines of the shapes. There are also many colors like blue, red, black, and a little white. The texture is a little rough it doesn't have like a glossy look like other mosaics do.
This painting has many colors like blue, green, pink, white, green, and red. These colors remind me of spring and happy times. The way it was painting reminds me of a water texture, like you can see the ripples of water. There are lines creating the ripples of water but also creating the lines of the grass. The space is occupied by the water and lily pads. There is not a lot of empty space. The shapes of the lily pads which are like circles.
The colors in this painting are fall colors, like red, orange, green, yellow, and brown. There is space in the background where there are mountains and by the lake. The texture is kind of rough and reminds me of crinkled leaves. If you look closely you can see the lines of the paint brush that the artist created.
Credits: All media
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