DEW 12 The Northern Renaissance

The art style of the Northern Renaissance was famous for the use of advanced oil paintings, wood carvings, and altarpiece art. The art styles were not as detailed as those in Italy, but they still reflected ideals of the Renaissance.

This painting was most likely created during the begining of the Renaissance because as we can see, the figures are quite unrealistic. Also, not much perspective or shading is added to make it seem more realistic.
This painting is a great example of Northern Renaissance art. Not much detail or shading is added, but the art focuses more on religion, which was important during the Renaissance.
This painting shows extreme detail, in typical Van Eyck style. The figures are extremely realistic and the castle in the back even shows immense detail. This painting also is a great example of perspective because the figures in the back are clearly shown to be farther away.
This painting was most likely commisioned to show the wealthv of Saint Jerome. Much like the armor of Cosimo de Medici, this painting includes a lion to show the wealth and power of Saint Jerome.
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