Amidst the progression of humans and their expansion towards cities, modernization, and the transgression of industries and economic growth, the images included in this gallery show the beauty of the part of the world that was left untouched, undisturbed during that century: nature. Towns grew, factories were built, and people moved towards these centers of industrialization. Meanwhile, nature also continued on, in its peaceful serenity, creating scenes of beauty and a reminisce of the life that was. 

In this scene, animals drink from the natural source of water, roaming undisturbed through the fields. Not a town, road, or any sign of civilization in site. Just nature, depicting peaceful solitude.
This scene depicts a more dark, brooding image. As the artist states he saw nature "for itself." This landscape depicts the serenity and mystery of nature away from civilization.
This "soft rendered view" depicts the romance of nature left alone. It's beauty is unlike any other, for it grows with no hand from mankind and takes whatever shape and form it wants.
Riancho had a love of nature and its beauty, as you can see in this scene. This painting shows nature at its greatest, by comparing its immense vastness to that of a lonely fisherman.
This scene also depicts the natural world in its serene state. Cattle graze, undisturbed waters quench their thirst. Trees and shrubs surround them, not a soul in sight. A memory of simpler times.
This scene is the effect of nature left undisturbed. Its wild beauty overtakes everything and its forms and shapes become unruly. Its beauty not seen by most, is clearly displayed by the artist.
Although this scene does not depict an actual real life landscape, it does depict the vastness of undisturbed scenery. Among cities and towns, somewhere lies an untouched oasis. A breath of fresh air.
Nature undisturbed, can be a breath of fresh air, an escape from the bustle and commotion of the cities and its people, a spiritual encounter with oneself amidst trees and the open sky.
Undisturbed, the beauty of nature roams. In nature, one can think back on a simpler time before cities and towns, maybe playing by the water, taking swims. A life much more different than the now.
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