The Life of the lord

A gallery of the work depicting the life time of Jesus.

This painting depicts the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. She is pregnant as a virgin after an angel comes down to tell her she will conceive a child and he will be named Jesus. This begins the story.
This Painting is a depiction of the Nativity scene. It shows Jesus Christ after birth and the shepherds and the three kings there to great him and offer him gift. This is the beginning of Jesus' life
Depicted here is the Baptism of Christ, the Lord. He is baptized by John the Baptist. This is the start of his life before crucifixion.
Here is a painting of Jesus healing a sick woman. Through out his life he travels, performing miracles, one of which is depicted here. He is known for his travel as a healer and miracle worker.
We next have him helping the fisherman. Once Peter did as Simon requested, he filled their nets with fish, so much that the nets began to tear. This is another miracle and good dead done by Christ.
The Last Supper was the night Jesus was betrayed by his own. He broke bread and gave it to them and blessed wine and gave it. This was the last night he would be healthy and alive.
Jesus bearing the cross, one of the most intense moments in his life. This is the moment he has been condemned to death for being the Son of God. This would be the last day he lived.
Jesus hanging on the cross, the moment his life ended. People began to weep at his feet as he took his last breath. His mother watching him die.
The Resurrection of Christ, the moment he is ascended into Heaven. When his disciples go to the tomb the next morning he was gone, risen again. They found his nearby with holes in his hands and feet.
Communion, a remembrance of the Last Supper performed by Catholics. It is the breaking of the bread and the blessing of the wine. The is how Christ is remembered.
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