I choose this piece because of the peek-hole view you get from looking at it.
great perspective of a downtown area in the early 1900s.
This piece gives a kind of birds eye view from what looks like a factory of some kind. Also has the peek-eye view.
This piece gives you a set of depth in the viewers field of view.
I actually like the simplicity of this art-work. As a minimalist myself I really feel the impact/depth of this painting.
This piece gives a really good definition of a distance view. It sets the tone for the whole timeframe of this image.
This picture gives the viewer the perspective of someone small in a very large building. It's pretty vast.
Like the others, this pictures makes a 'globe' out of the surrounding area.
This painting gives the viewer an very odd perspective on what the lady is doing and feeling. Most of the time paintings of people watering plants are happy, but this has a different vibe.
This takes the viewer into the perspective of 3 young (looking) women doing normal days stuff.
This early 1600s piece gives us a portrait of a young girl self portrait.
This is a beautiful piece looking at the windmill.
This perspective shows us what simple life was like during this time period. Everyday life.
Very awesome semi fantasy perspective
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