Religion Renaissance Artwork

Artwork in the Renaissance Era that is related to Religion 

This painting is a depiction of Adam and Eve two biblical ancestors who are portrayed in two different panels both with dark backgrounds and two small branches covering their private parts.
This painting is of Madonna holding Christ in her right arm.Christ is pressing close to the virgin while two angels are in the background along with Saint Anthony and Saint Nicholas.
This painting is of the Birth of John the Baptist who later on in his life is known for in the bible of having a unique ability of baptizing for the forgiveness of sins.
This oil painting is a painting of a crowded alter piece that depicts the holy trinity with the God holding a crucifix, with a still alive Jesus.
This painting was made by Leonardo's master Verrocchio, Leonardo's contribution to the artwork piece was the angel holding the mantle.
This painting has 3 figures in the meadow that are linked together through their looks and hand touching.The color blue represents the church and the red on her dress represents the death of Christ.
This Oil on panel depicts three angels serenading the Christ child holding a apple which is the fruit of salvation.
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