ART IS LOVE (reidge Johannes)

Over the decades and centuries of the creative process there has always been a creation by emotion process. These images are mostly based on romance and love between the individuals in the image. We will break down there artistic make up. 

In this image we see what looks to be a husband leaving his wife and child. We see many smooth tone colors in this image. The color which stands out the most I would say is green.
We see a woman playing piano for her lover. The main color which stands out in this image is Red. The man in this image seems focused, due to the fact that we see him looking directly at the woman he loves.
In this image we see a soldier helping a woman up.There seems to be fighting in the background, she is changed and he is trying to free her.While every other soldier is wearing red in the background, notice that the two leading images are wearing different colors this is obviously to make them stand out.
In this image we see what seems to be a date happening. A man is feeding his date, she is holding a beverage. This image seems really modern. The black space in the background , put all of the focus on the two people in the image
This is a image of a lady looking at a flower, from the looks of the image she seems happy. After seeing he hands you could say that she is admiring a gift from some special. He colors are real gentle and evoke a calm feeling.
In this image we see a man, either massaging or taking care of his lovers foot. From the red color that is one the foot we could say that it is blood. The are many different diagonal and straight lines in this image, which means movement or action in many cases.
This image depicts two individuals dancing and one kissing the other on the cheek. The colors that jump out are the purple and white. We see great angle in this image, warmth of color and it has a modern feel to it.
In this image we see two people looking at a boat passing by. The black and white color, and the clothing worn in the image gives us the sense that this is a vintage image. We see a lot of space between them and the ship, which makes it easy to ficus on them.
In this image we see two people, snuggled in a blanket. The color that stands out in this image is yellow. The green below them tells us that it may be a picnic date, from the looks of the flowers in the grass. Great spacing in the background and what seems to be sunlight
We see a mother and her child sitting down, while the mother cradles the child. This image depicts love, notice the mother looking into the eye of the child. The space in the background and color makes me think that they may be outside. Also the brown and green object behind her seems like a bench.
Credits: All media
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