An unfamiliar face MFJS

I decided the recurring theme be that of an "unfamiliar face". The face we don't understand or known, the face being foreign to us, the face being eerie and causing a sensation of uncertainty. We've all come across people in our lives that strike us unfamiliar, not in a sense that we don't know them, but in a sense that we are unsure of their story and unsure of what it is about them that makes us question why they cause us fear. I've encountered many people, so striking in their image, that I've dreamt about it. I'm focusing on more macabre and obscure faces, with a little help of the great Akira Yamaoka, to really provoke thought and even fear. 

Fear- This face provokes fear (to me). I used the song Unreleased- What a Nightmare to further provoke the emotion.
Sad- the color blue entices sadness, to me the expression upon this man also reads sadness.
Uncertainty- the feeling I get from looking at this painting is that of uncertainty. The girl depicted has black holes for eyes and a blank expression, making me uncertain of who she is or her intentions.
Revenge- The painting itself is called "Face of Pain;" the song "Betrayal" by Akira Yamaoka. Together, they represent the revenge the man feels for being betrayed and in pain.
Deception- The feeling this character from "Twenty Shadows" gives me is deception. Pink is a global symbol of love. Where there is love there is comfort. But his expression reads otherwise...
Innocence- The girl in this painting comes across as innocent. Her large, soft, eyes and pale complexion help hint towards so, especially with the song I chose for this piece.
Awestruck- The expression and style used to depict this character, to me, comes off as awestruck. The song "Breeze in Monochrome Night," helps capture the emotion.
Distrust- The face in this painting itself is a citadel. A citadel is a fortress that protects a city. To me the character is masking their true emotions by being a citadel.
Anxiety- The character itself doesn't look anxious but the feeling I receive when looking at this character and listening to this piece of music, is anxiety. It's as if this character knows something.
Lost- When listening to the song "Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me," by Akira Yamaoka, I feel hopeless and lost. The expression the woman gives in this piece furthers my feeling of being lost.
Distraught- the girl doesn't come off as distraught but her blank stare definitely gives me that emotion.
Fascination- I know the artwork itself is called "Fascination," but I do read Fascination as this character's expression. The song "Reverse Will," helps further my point.
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