principles of design

Art 110

Asymmetrical balance, scale and emphasis are present in this work. The Cathedral is emphasized by the sun's light, the bustling square adds balance, and the other buildings add to the scale of the cathedral.
Movement: this painting makes your eyes wander about the painting leading off to the horizon line.
This work shows pattern extending out from an origin point, creating near-radial balance.
This work shows repetition in line. The trunks of the trees all look similar in shape and size.
Variety: there are various colors and figures arranged in a balanced way.
Proportion: in this work Christ seems disproportionate to human size, his abdomen is elongated and his arms, legs, and head are normal size.
Unity: in this painting the sail boat that seems to be near the focal point seems at peace with the low waves.
The Taj Mahal is symmetrical in its architecture.
The figure in the center of the work is emphasized by the light emanating from behind them, as well as the attention of all of the other figures.
Credits: All media
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