The Different kinds of perspective elements

The pieces in this gallery all focus on the subject of perspective.

This piece deal with the element of perspective due to the vanishing point is very noticeable. You see the mountains and trees go off to the distance towards the vanishing point.
In this piece the vanishing point is not seen. The audience can tell where the perspective element is by the way the coast is angled and the fact objects an people get smaller in the distance.
This piece is an example of a two point perspective in which a vanishing point lays in the distant rolling hills and the other is located along the path the begins in the foreground. 
This piece is an example to a two point perspective painting. As the viewer looks at the castle straight on they might notices the landscape or background goes off into two different directions. It's almost like looking at an edge of a cube. 
This piece is a representation of a painting with multiple vanishing points. It is still a perspective painting but not all the objects follow the same vanishing point. 
This painting at first may seem like a two point perspective piece but it's actually a one point perspective. The items in this that can throw people off is the oddly shaped pool or fountain and the lines In the fields.
This piece shows obvious sign of perspective elements. The squares edges are directed towards many vanishing points in which it has depth in an empty space.
This sledge is a one point perspective photo. it appears larger as the front is directed towards the audience and gets smaller when farther away.
This painting is an interesting perspective drawing. Rather than having straight harsh lines go towards the vanishing point the coast curves and bends towards the vanishing point. This gives the illusion of curvature of the coastline. 
This photo shows perspective elements within the windows and the harsh lines going inwards towards the door.
This photo is a great example of multiple overlapping objects angled towards the same vanishing point. The building  are the overlapping objects.
This piece shows the perspective element in a very straight forward manner. It seems however that the vanishing point is behind the house in the background. 
This piece is another example where the perspective element is not very noticeable. The audience can determine that there is perspective by how the ship and its masts are angled towards a vanishing point.
This painting is a bit harder to make out the perspective element. A clear distinction however is the top of the building and how is is slightly slanted towards the vanishing point.
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