Roman Government 

The Romans had a republic, and were ruled by a dictator. They had a Senate that made decisions about laws and decrees. 

This is the oldest surviving tablet that contains Senatorial decrees. This decree prohibits the observance of the Bacchanalibus festival.
The reason archeologists believe this is Genius the senate is because he was previously depicted on roman coins and reliefs. The Roman Senate was the most consistent governing and advisory council.
This was the currency created by the government. It is a coin and it is made out of silver.
This is a portrait of the head of Augustus. He was the founder of the Roman empire and the first roman emperor. He was a dictator for the Roman empire.
This artifact is the Terracotta 'Campana' plaque with a scene of a triumphal procession. The plaque depicts a cart holding two captured natives. They are crying on the cart and chained by their neck and feet.The plaque reveals that when the Romans conquered new land, they enslaved the natives of that land.
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