Natalie's Art Gallery of Ancient Chinese Artifacts

The materials needed to make oracle bones are turtle bones or other animal bone, a pin made of bronze, and heat. This art was valued and used for communicating with ancestors from the past to ask questions and reciving answers. Only queens and kings use them.
To make silk you need moths and their cocoon. These were used and valued in Ancient China because they were used as a status symbol. Merchants and peasants weren't allowed to wear silk only rich people were allowed to.
The materials that are needed to make bronze are an alloy of copper and tin. These items were used for weapons,tools,and containers. This art was valued for making sharp weapons to fight wars and decorating.
You need a brush,paper,ink stick,and ink stone. This was used to used to write.It was very stylish.It was valued because it was their their stylish form of writing.
You need a special type of clay to make porcelain.It was used for trade and bowls in Ancient China. It was valued because Chinese artist would trade it.
You need oil paints,a brush, and techinques as required with calligraphy. These were used for painting sceneries,homes,birds,trees, and water. This art was valued because they could sell it.
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