In the Night Garden

‘In the Night Garden’ is an exhibition that expresses the feeling of the night. Whether or not that involved cool colours such as blue, it is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. It holds a calming effect for both the mind and body, most of my artworks are from Asian artists that are able to express how their night was different from ours. Though most of the pieces in the exhibition give off are a dark and serene atmosphere in every of the artworks there is a trace of light that connects them all. Which solemnly follows the saying that, “Darkness cannot strive without light.” This aspect of each artwork is still visible no matter era the artwork was painted, or sculpted in, it is easy to grasp the concept of night time. It is a daily sight that we should be grateful to be able to see everyday, with its different colours, textures and interpretations. The artworks are arranged in a non orderly fashion, there isn’t a story that is visible. The pieces are there for you as the viewer to create yourself. Day and night are connected, the concept of this leads to the bigger story of the galaxy that it is their for you to explore. Some of these pieces are similar but there is so much more that sorts them apart from another, the texture, colour, tone, culture, society and the motivation the artist felt. Art is more than just colours on a canvas, there is so much detail and thought in anything and everything in this world. I hope that this is evident in this exhibition, enjoy.

'Evening in a Hot Spring' by Yoshida Hiroshi clearly depicts the characteristics of a cultural frame.
In the famous 'Starry Night' art work by Vincent van Gogh, the structural frame is evident.
'From the Night' by Choi, Hyo Soon the postmodern frame is evidently shown here.
'Worth - 1, Dans La nuit (In the night)' by Lalique Rene, depicts the subjective frame.
Credits: All media
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