The muses 

Laura Gonzalez Restrepo 

Muse of the epic poetry and of the eloquence
Muse that was presiding at the lyric and erotic poetry. She is represented by a lira and is in the habit of having to his feet an Amos with arch and quiver.
Muse that presides at the history and sitting is represented or of foot with a roll of papers or a box of books.
Muse that was presiding at the music and the lyric poetry. She is represented generally by a flute, I orchestrate whose invention assumes him.
Muse of the tragedy. (Theatre).
Muse of the lyric poetry, that is to say, that of the sacred singings.
Muse of the comedy. He was presiding at the banquets encouraged by the singing and the music, and not disturbed by the disorder and the noise. It takes for attributes the crown of ivy and in the hand a mask.
Muse of the astronomy
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