karen ivester 

week three assignment learning team

The expression the artist used clearly shows the fear in the animal from his surroundings.The artist portrayed the feelings of emotion and fright well in this portrait.
This painting is symbolic of color. The colors are symbolic of fierceness, wild, and turbulent. The fact that the painting holds bright colors in the background symbolizes festivities.
This painting is both psychological and color symbolic. Colors used in this painting are monotone ,that create a sense of somberness. Nails in the hands and feet , a universal sign of Christianity.
This painting is symbolic of fire and heroism. The way the artist uses the reds and oranges symbolizes fire and heat. The color black represents where fire has burned ferociously and been put out.
Spanish women are known for their colorful dresses and accessories. They wear these colors because they are associated with their culture and even emotions about life and prosperity.
Colors used in this painting create the feeling of loneliness. The street and building are painted in blues that create the effect of sadness, or even grieving.
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