Claude monet: water lilies

Monet seemed to have an obsession with water lilies. This becomes apparent in his multiple works involving water lilies. Though some are quite similar, each offers its own look at the beauty of the water lily. There is a calming effect to each of these paintings. I chose this particular group of Monet's paintings because of the sense of peace I feel when looking at them.

This Monet from 1916 is one of the more colorful of his water lily paintings.
This painting offers a different perspective and includes a bridge that you can imagine walking over to look down at the beauty below.
Blue Water Lilies, though peaceful like the others, seems to capture a sadness.
Waterlilies (1904) is more vibrant with rich greens and splashes of pink and yellow.
This painting seems more abstract, though you can still make out that there are flowers.
I enjoy the way the light is fading in this painting. I feel as though I can hear the frogs chirping as the sun sets.
Pond with Water Lilies (1907) has excellent lighting and gives me the sense of a daydream.
The reflection of the clouds on the pond gives you the sense of an overcast day.
The use of color in this Water Lilies (1922) makes me feel happy and peaceful.
This one is my favorite. I love the way it stretches across three canvases. The colors and brushstrokes give me a sense of peace and happiness.
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