The Essence of a Black Woman

In this exhibition i have chosen the theme of the essence of a black woman throughout the course of history. It contains eight pieces each showing different depictions and characteristics of African American women form the past to our present. 

This works was a simple portriate given as a gift in memorium of someone.This piece show the simple form of a your typical black woman in the 17th century
This piece shows a motherly figure who seems to be praying and her young pupil reading from a Bible on an early Sunday Morning,This piece shows religious and motherly side of a 17thcentury black woman
This piece shows a 20th century black woman during the time of the civil right movement. It depicts a fearless and strong woman which was very necessary for African Americans to be during this time.
This piece depicts a bond between 3 working class women of the 1930's. You can really get a feel of the women's different personalities as they appear to be gossiping
This is a portrait of educator Mary Mcleod Bethune, who after the new deal was committed to improving African America's lives. It depicts a black woman of educational and leadership qualities.
This piece shows a woman in the Army Corps during World War II. It shows an early woman of Bravery an Leadership
This drawing shows black women of different shades, features, and views. It shows that all black women are different in many ways and each has their own different qualities and characteristics.
This mural depicts recording artist Ursla Rucker. It depicts her a a loving present day woman who wears her heart ( the poem all over her body) on a sleeve.
Credits: All media
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