Buddhist Mind

Megan Horbach

This piece was made out of sandstone, which was something I have never heard of before. It prevails the 5 main events of the life of the Buddha, and would be considered a fine art.
I really enjoy this piece because it depicts certain symbols of the Buddha accurately. The broad forehead & the small dot in the center represents an open mind & the third eye of the Buddha.(Fine Art)
This is an example of fine are as well, and shows appreciation of the Bodhi Tree, where the Buddha was first enlightened. The people around the tree are praying and paying their respects.
This is a piece of fine art and the name really captured my attention. The picture looks very serene and calm. The mountain in the back and water look beautiful.
This is a fine art, because it is a painting. I like this piece because it shows a flower pollinating. All the seeds are the same, & each one has a chance to create life. It shows all life is precious
Credits: All media
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