PERSPECTIVE OF Cleopatra QUEEN OF NILE- margaret mcdonald

There are different forms or ideas of what Cleopatra looks like. Either from pictures or drawing. There are even statues of the beautiful queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. Over the years artist have form their own persecutive of the queen Cleopatra. This gallery will show you the perspective from the artists themselves.

This is a sculpture of Cleopatra upper body. The artist is Unknown. Whats you see is a representation of what the artist believes Cleopatra looked like between the time of 47-30 BC. The sculpture has a hindu style to it.
These button like items have what british know Cleopatra looks like. Both Intaglio's where crafted by a British crafter. The blue intaglio looks to be a molding casing for the red and gold intaglio.
This is known as Cleopatra to those who live in Berlin. The sculpture looks more flesh like. The Museums in berlin believe that Cleopatra looks like a man instead of a woman. The sculpture has a different time frame than what is recognized in America.
The Cleopatra coins look to have been made by the indians. The time period of these items is unknown. In the coin you see Cleopatra as the head of the coin on the left. The coin on the right happens to look like the back side of the coin on the left.
The Canadians felt that Cleopatra looked like this back in 100 AD. The portrait was placed in the Royal Ontario Museum in Ontario Canada. The portrait has some what of a western style to it. Whether this is Cleopatra or not, the world may never know.
In this portrait you have more than just Cleopatra. What really catches your eyes is the fact that Cleopatra is practically in the nude. Cleopatra back then had more class and respect for herself. This portrait was created or discovered between 1455 and 1516.
This sculpture is a remarkable piece made to replicate what Cleopatra looks like to Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi. In a lot of the sculptures and portraits of Cleopatra, she has her hair braided. The depiction was a mach of Cleopatra rom 1519 to 1522
The picture you see now takes you back to a renaissance time. The portrait depicts Cleopatra between the time of 1674 and 1675. The portrait might be of Cleopatra, but then again who knows. To find Cleopatra in a photo or a portrait would be extremely rare to find.
This sculpture provides an eye catcher of the marble finish underneath the sculpture. Cleopatra covered by a blanket depicts a british style of portrait. Being in the nude apparently was not an issue when it came to Cleopatra.
Cleopatra in this portrait is having a celebration with the rich in her country. The portrait can also depict a meeting between Cleopatra and those from other countries whom she has made allies with. The portrait can also depict a dinner of the utmost wealthy.
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